Releasing Q4 (December 2022)
About Strike Force Heroes
Strike Force Heroes is an oldschool arena shooter rebuilt with modern mechanics. It melds over the top action with epic story-telling in this intense remake of the hit Flash game.

Fight in lush forests, on speeding trains, and atop crashing airplanes, customizing your soldiers with different weapons, skills, and upgrades! Strike Force Heroes has been completely reimagined from the ground-up featuring an expanded campaign with full voice acting, animated cutscenes, challenges, a brand new loot system, and splitscreen coop/pvp.

Level up 4 classes with exclusive weapons, outfits, and abilities, each with their own completely unique strengths, weaknesses, and playstyle.

One-shot enemies with the glass cannon Assassin, or eat all the bullets as the unstoppable Tank, any playstyle you enjoy, the heroes have you covered.

With hundreds of weapons, abilities, and equipment, there's something for every play style.

Go with a safe loadout, or create a clever setup that synergizes perfectly with all your equipment for risky yet deadly results.

Whether you like to get up close and personal with melee, take your enemies out silently with snipers, or just blow stuff up, there's a weapon for you!

Experience an engaging storyline through fully animated cutscenes with wisecracking characters, explosive action sequences, and challenging boss fights. A routine mission goes awry and your squad finds themselves trapped on a mysterious island where nothing is as simple as it appears.

Beating the campaign unlocks harder difficulties to earn better rewards, further build out your heroes, and challenge even the most seasoned of players.

Play through Missions of the Day to earn new rewards and create the most powerful hero.

Earn more rewards by completing tons of fun side-tasks such as getting headshots while airborn, defeating enemies with hero abilities, or even teabagging enemies!

Put your skills to the ultimate test with dozens of unique challenge missions that add crazy twists to the base game, requiring some strategy and clever thinking to overcome.

The original 2-man development team behind the hit Flash series Strike Force Heroes and Raze are back with their unique blend of high quality art, polished gameplay, and twisted sense of humor.

Strike Force Heroes' signature pulse pounding action is brought to life across lovingly detailed environments with crystal clear audio and full voice acting.

For the first time ever, invite your friends to join you throughout the entire campaign, or blast them away in fully customizable PvP custom matches!
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CA $17 or more - $20
Rookie (Game + Skin)
Receive the game at a discounted price, as soon as it's available on Steam, as well as an exclusive early-backer skin for each class!
CA $30 or more
Veteran (Name in game)
Your name in the game as one of the AI Bots. (Includes all previous tiers)
CA $40 or more
Heroic (Early Builds)
Access to early testing builds before the game releases & direct feedback to the developers from balance to quality of life adjustments. Help us shape the final release!
(Includes all previous tiers)
CA $80 or more
Legendary (Artbook)
Get a digital artbook including behind the scenes at how the game and cutscenes were created.
(Includes all previous tiers)
CA $110
Feat Designer
Design a custom feat that'll reward the player on performing a skillful task! (Ex: Kill enemies while sliding). (includes all non-designer tiers)
CA $275
Cameo Designer
Get yourself in the game with a character fully drawn & designed to your liking, to randomly appear among AI enemies.
(includes all non-designer tiers)
CA $440
Challenge Designer
Design an entire challenge mission (a mission with any wacky rules & effects).
(includes all non-designer tiers)
CA $660
Weapon Designer
Design a secret unlockable weapon with your own silly art! The wackier, the better! (Ex: homing explosive sheep, ...poop launcher, etc.). (includes all non-designer tiers)